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List Space

  • Promote your media space for better continuity.
  • Get a better return on investment.
  • Increase the occupancy rate of outdoor media advertisement with consistent display of ads.
  • Media Publishers will save time & money when it comes to finding advertisers.
  • Buying outdoor media made easy with ADSMIND platform.
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Find Space

  • Outdoor media availability across the length and breadth of the city.
  • Find right outdoor media space for your audience and media campaign.
  • Organized outdoor media in one single platform.
  • Finding right media location which has good average annual daily traffic.
  • Get a better Return on Investment with good turnaround time for your advertisements.
  • Find right outdoor media to list your advertisement to attract immediate attention.
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Manage My Space

  • Media Publisher can outsource the listing of their outdoor media to ADSMIND for higher efficiency.
  • We will help find right advertisers and its affiliates for your outdoor media.
  • We will organize all your outdoor media in one single platform.
  • Get a better Return on Investment with turnaround time for your outdoor media.
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